June Musk, OSIDI with you Dragon Boat Festival

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It’s time to eat rice dumplings every year.


Dragon Boat Festival

Scorpion, also known as "corner owl", "corner owl", steamed from glutinous rice wrapped in glutinous rice, is one of the traditional Chinese festival food. The scorpion appeared as early as the Spring and Autumn Period, originally for the sacrifice of ancestors and gods.

As the last solar term before entering the summer, the Dragon Boat Festival is the real summer of the year. In the city, the three-day holiday of the Dragon Boat Festival may cause many people to think about going out to find a cool place to scatter their hearts. In the countryside, The Dragon Boat Festival is indeed a busy festival, because in the rich farming culture in China, the Dragon Boat Festival represents the summer harvest.



After the Dragon Boat Festival, the yellow plum rain season followed, the temperature is high and the humidity is heavy, the clothes drying are very difficult to dry, and the mold is easy to breed. The OSIDI smart washing machine can help you solve this problem.