OSIDI - 5.1 price to, happy to buy

Editor:浙江欧斯迪智能家居股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-04-15 

OSIDI "5.1 price, cool and happy purchase" activity began, the offer is beyond your imagination.



OSIDI has established a number of national patents with high-quality products. As a national high-tech enterprise, it always adheres to the service concept of “You are not satisfied, I don’t rest”, and always cares for every consumer.



On the occasion of May 1st, OSIDI will give you a great gift.

I wish you a happy Labor Day with your family!

April 20th - May 12th

OSIDI "5.1 price, cool and happy to buy"

Wonderful performances in specialty stores across the country

The purpose of this event

Let consumers spend the least money

Enjoy the best quality and benefits



Quality package value-for-money purchase, quality and safety to enjoy new home


OSIDI sheet is made of primary aluminum, zero formaldehyde is non-polluting, healthy and environmentally friendly, and high-quality home care. The kitchen package is launched for this event, and the bottom price is at the Osdi store.



More value packages




I am giving you a gift, and I am taking it home with exquisite gifts.



During the event, there are more beautiful gifts to send, come and join.

We want all of us, come to Osdi and turn around, surprise must bring home.



"Shuang" heart happy purchase, happy little holiday

Hurry and go to the major stores in Osdi to buy it.

(Event time: April 20 - May 12)