Romantic Tanabata | OSIDI is romantic with you

Editor:浙江欧斯迪智能家居股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-08-07 

On the seventh day of July, I stayed at the window and waited for you to fight in the distance.

Seeing the dim night light blending into the mountains,

Pour into the clear water, the slight waves are like a silent sky,

There is rhyme in the silence, singing in the silent, beautiful, microwave sound.

As the waves miss you, you are working hard.

My heart is accompanied by the autumn wind.

As the moonlight counts and the waves reverberate,

A pair of bright, sparkling microwaves, veins and emotions,

The heart becomes like a moonlight reflection.

There are thousands of ways to say love in the world.

There is also an unprecedented!

Put your love for you in the most intimate home,

Surround you in this deep love.

OSIDI says for you: I love you!


Love bond

1. I will never give up on you, pity you, hurt you, protect you.

2. Be your ears, don’t argue with you, don’t lose your temper

3, to be your wife and strict, to die of your heart, consistent, never half-hearted

4, do housework together, go shopping together, bargain together, cook together, learn to make delicious meals

Osdi wishes to have a lover in the world!