The spring breeze is not as good as you - OSIDI new products meet the spring breeze

Editor:浙江欧斯迪智能家居股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-09-19 

The warm wind and the rain begin to freeze, the spring water is born; the green tip is green, the spring forest is full; the Tingting flowers are under the people, the smile is stunned; the spring breeze is not as good as you. Xiao Di takes you into Osdi, feels the spring breeze and appreciates the art of Osdi's metal.

First love, is the first peach blossom, just bright, not disturbed. At that time, I was young, my feelings were a little bit, my love was like, my heart was like a flower, and the clouds were pleasing and gentle. I still remember that at that time, the grass was reliant, the flowers were dyed, and the young whites were romantic. Forgiveness was fascinated at the next moment, and there was still a look back at the door, but it was as shy as the green plum sniffed.


Feelings of deep love, it is the peach blossoms in the mountains and plains to show the temptations of enchanting, beautiful and beautiful, beautiful and flamboyant, especially like the Huazhi Chunman, the full moon is good. I don’t know what I’m feeling, I’m going to be in love, I’m born to die, and I can live. You promised me the cape of the sea, the phoenix crown, the Xia, I will give you a soup, fine green hair. Looking up at the stars, you can't look at your eyes. All the desires add up to one another. You think that we will be the protagonists of each other forever.

I thought that you would be my young boy who is as gentle as jade; I thought that I would be your beautiful girl with a low smile, helpless, or become a past. You have your direction and can't take care of my grief. Do you promise me to return, is it hopeful?

Looking through the light blue sky, missing the bleak night, what is there, staying in the wind, or staying in the unfinished words. When the wind blows through your old white clothes, only the clothes are fragrant; the bronze wind chimes that pass through the corners, the winds move through the bells, and the winds pass by. Recalling the white clothes, a person, the best time to wear white clothes is very short-lived, but for a while, I can't wear white clothes, can't wear the clear time.

The water in January, the wind in February, the flowers in March, the bright in April, the month in May, and the waiting in June. In my heart, I have been engraving your appearance. How can you smile when you are in the spring?

Your name has always been my heart, the most brilliant ring, the city fireworks, how can you soften?

In April, when the world is full of Fangfei, the flowers are blooming. Will those unforgettable loves really end up being clouded? There is no regret in the flowers, whoever owes them, a drop of cinnabar tears?

I, I don’t know what I’m going to do, I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid that I’m still waiting, I’m still waiting, my dreams are falling. A dream like a dream is not as good as a thousandth of a smile; a pen and ink is not as soft as one thousandth. Write full of loneliness, waiting for you to read; this love is not increasing here; this means that it is not here.

I am willing to take a curtain of a dream, a hangover, ink dripping, a long street that I can't finish, a moonlight that I can't finish, and you don't see enough eyebrows. I am willing to take off my brocade, fading in the glory of the world, sitting on a sunny day, sipping a book and splashing tea, enjoying the wind and the robe.

In the spring breeze, how can Shan Ming and Shuixiu look better than you?

I am willing to have one person, and I will not give up. I wish to be alone, and remember this with my feelings. I wish I will be pity, and I will love my heart. I am willing to be a person, not in love with the wind and the moon. Willing to hold one hand, meet to the white head; willing to have one heart, white head is not separated.

I promise you a sentence, sincerely do not deceive you, the years are quiet and honest.

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