Congratulations to OSIDI for winning the Top Ten Brands of Top Wall Integration for Consumers in 2019

Editor:集成吊顶十大品牌,欧斯迪集成吊顶官网,浙江欧斯迪股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-10-18 

The “2019 Top Wall Integration Top Ten Brands” selection event hosted by Xinbang Technology·Integrated Ceiling Online was kicked off in early September, and the results of the selection on October 14 were officially announced. The "OSIDI" brand was awarded the top ten brands in the 2019 consumer favorite top wall integration!

Zhejiang OSIDI Smart Home Co., Ltd. is located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, the birthplace of Hong Kong Spirit. It is a company specializing in integrated ceiling, integrated wall surface, intelligent washing machine and other research and production.

As a national high-tech enterprise, Zhejiang science and technology enterprise, Jiaxing College production and research base, the products have passed the national 3C certification, safety production standardization three-level enterprise, Zhejiang assured consumer products, 49 national patent technology, ISO9001 quality management system certification. And has won the honorary title of China Building Decoration Industry Promotion Brand, China Ceiling Ceiling Executive Director Unit, China Ceiling Industry Outstanding Enterprise, Tencent Home Environmental Health Brand, China Building Decoration Materials Association Product Innovation Award, China Integrated Ceiling Industry Top Ten New Products And for ten consecutive years, it has won the "Top Ten Brands in China's Integrated Ceiling Industry". In 2015, the film star Huo Siyan joined in and joined the CCTV CCTV research and investigation in 2017 to successfully create a high-end intelligent home brand.

The company has always adhered to the "scientific and technological innovation, eco-home" business philosophy and "you are not satisfied, I do not rest" after-sales service concept, and take into account the advantages of design aesthetics, intelligent technology, environmental engineering, for your love, love life Provide a full range of eco-home solutions to give you a more comfortable and secure home experience.

OSIDI takes "integrity, innovation, professionalism, and win-win" as its corporate tenet. Its brand sales outlets and specialty stores cover the whole country and become the most trusted smart home brand.