OSIDI National Day gift

Editor:浙江欧斯迪智能家居股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-09-25 

Summer has passed unconsciously,

The fragrance of Jingui floated in the air.

Ushered in the 70th birthday of the motherland,

In this festival of universal celebrations,

OSIDI celebrates National Day with you.


In order to give back to the support of the new and old customers, the company has continued to support during the National Day.


First, the big discount is not stop


6.8 fold of the entire electrical + sheet metal during the event (except for event packages and special products)


Second, the value package to take home


8㎡One kitchen and one bathroom

4㎡BC329HC01-玄灰 + 4㎡BC329HC01-格调 + 1台LED导光灯OSD329-Z-1 + 1台逸暖F3 OSD658-ZHF-3


12㎡ One kitchen and two bathroom

4㎡BC329XY10-云筱 + 4㎡BC329XY10-艺尚 + 4㎡BC329XY10-丝羽 + 1台LED导光灯DY329D-1 + 1台逸暖F2 OSD658-ZHF-2 + 1台逸暖F3 OSD658-ZHF-3


3.5㎡ balcony

3.5㎡BC329XY01-东方纹艺 + 1台LED导光灯DY329D-1 + 1台智能晾衣架智琴OSD-YL-Q01


Third, warm heart to send the kitchen


Buying a heating artifact, the F2 OSD658-ZHF-2, and a complimentary 4 square kitchen ceiling

(Top 10 per day)


Fourth, there are more good gifts


When the order is full, the pillow is quilt, the blazer, the classic silk is chosen by many good gifts!


The golden autumn is warm, the hobby is constant,

Celebrate the National Day, send gifts,

There are faint poems in the long clouds.

There is a joy in the faint poems.

There is a gentle greeting in the joy of the moment,

OSIDI wish you a happy National Day!